Help an Angel Out, Girl!

They say that every time you shop small, an  angel gets its wings! LOL…right? So…I made that one up…but trust me, every time you shop small, there is a business owner out there who feels as grateful & proud!

And none could be more grateful or prouder than me. What a year! What a fall! And, what a Grand Re-Opening!

I could re-hash all the yuck of this past year, but I refuse! I want to set my eyes on the glory of this Holiday Season, the precious people surrounding me, a God who loves me, and the BEST customers any small business owner could have! Thank you, thank you, thank you…from the bottom of my heart, for all your support and patronage. You have given us our best month in our history of 4.5 years!! You did this…and you deserve the wings!!

So, thank you for shopping small. We may not have all the trappings of the big box stores,  or the thousands of offerings or lowest prices out there like Amazon does, but I hope we have what they don’t…a smile, a greeting, maybe a hug or two, hand-picked styles, and a glimpse into the heart and soul of a dream-coming-true!

Wings on Angels? Just for shopping small? Probably not. But, when you choose us, and the other small business owners out there, I know one thing for sure, you are giving each of us wings and I thank you!



Doing the Limbo

I’m cracking up at the title here, because if I even tried to ACTUALLY do the limbo, I would end up in the emergency room…But, in limbo is where Multitudes remains.

First, thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support! We have always said we have the BEST customers, and y’all just proved it once again!

Second, what an opportunity for God to show us His plan for our business. Once again, I have turned to Him for guidance and once again, He has delivered peace that passes all understanding. And, he is teaching me to keep my eyes on Him moving forward all the days of my life…and not just when my eyes are downcast in confusion and frustration. An oldie but goodie has been pressed on my heart, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” God is moving in our lives, y’all. Won’t it be fun to see what He does?

Wow! So, I have never written like that on this forum, y’all…and I hope you don’t mind!

Third, here is the plan…for now…

  1. Our brick & mortar location…205 S. College St….will remain closed until the smoke issue is completely resolved and we can open boxes there and feel good about what our customers buy from us in-store.
  2. We are still looking for a temporary “pop-up shop”…but in the meantime, new arrivals will be offered online, and on Facebook and Instagram within the next few days. Shipping is free, and if it doesn’t fit, or you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund.
  3. We are trying to also arrange for a place to pick-up and/or try-on items…so stay tuned for that.
  4. Rewards and Gift Certificates…first of all…we TOTALLY plan to re-open Multitudes so you will get to claim your in-store rewards and use your certificates soon! In the meantime, if you are an in-store customer:
    1. We will track all purchases and make sure you still get your Five-Star Points!
    2. If you happen to get a Five-Star text and have a reward pop-up on your phone that only lasts a short time…or you do have a Gift Certificate that you must use right now, please leave a note in the message box on your order stating what the Five Star Text says, or the Gift Certificate number…or message us with that information…and we will make that adjustment on your online order.
  5. If you are an on-line customer…hang tight with the whole reward thing. We are looking into this right now and will have a system for you to use hopefully soon.
  6. TUESDAY TRENDS…y’all, we need a few more days. We will be back soon with lots of new items that are currently sitting in boxes all over my living room. 🙂

So, yeah, we are in limbo. We are just thankful it’s not the kind that requires a backbend!

More soon…

xoxo – Kelly

Ups & Downs

So, running your own business always comes with ups and downs. And, running a biz in 100+ year old building certainly adds to those ups and downs…like turning on a light switch only to find it’s attached to your neighbor’s lights and not your own, or turning on the hot water and the breaker that runs your ceiling fans pops. We have always loved being in a historical building in this beautiful town, and have embraced those ups and downs wholeheartedly!

So, many of you know about the barbeque restaurant that opened up next door earlier this month. It is called The Vault, is run by the sweetest couple, and has the best brisket and smoked chicken this side of the Pecos (we know this as fact, but we dare you to go and try for yourself)!  So, another great up for us!

The down:  since the  Vault opened and we share a common wall in this beautiful old building with  them, unfortunately our store also smells like we are serving the best barbeque this side of the Pecos.

Everyone is working like bees to find all the places that aren’t sealed between our two stores, but in the meantime, we are regrouping so we can still offer y’all (our amazing friends and customers) the same quality, and experience, you get when you walk in our door, order online, or shop us from Facebook or Instagram. So, here’s the plan!

  1. We are having a Smokin’ Hot Liquidation Sale for all the merchandise currently in the store and online! Yes, EVERY ITEM! And yes, these items smell a bit smoky…but hang outside for 24 hours or dry-clean…and they should be good as new. The sale starts tomorrow and will run through Friday, September 7th. (all sales final) So….come down, grab a barbeque sandwich and head over to us for a Smokin’ hot deal!
  2. We are Poppin’ Up in a temporary location (TBA) where we will offer all new merchandise that is being shipped in daily. More details to follow soon!

Y’all, we are so sorry for this inconvenience! We truly LOVE our customers and even though we’re just a small clothing boutique, we take our role in your world, and this community, very seriously! We would be nothing without you and your support. I am absolutely committed to get this behind us and continue to offer you the same quality service that made you vote us #1 in Ellis County!



Tuesday Trends at Multitudes

Hi Y’all,

So Multitudes started a thing today…we hosted a Facebook Live Event titled Tuesday Trends at Multitudes. Did you see it?

We decided to go this route after three attempts to schedule our annual fashion show this Spring. Life is crazy around here, and we just couldn’t nail down a date that worked for everyone, so we thought…let’s take the fashion show to them…and instead of making it a one-time event, we will do it weekly on Facebook!

This week we showcased Summer Must-Have Trends and we featured many of our new arrivals such as Navy Day Jumpsuit and Peach Tea Romper.

Jumpsuits are THE NEW ITEM to add to your closet, and rompers remain more popular than ever! We love the classic lines of these two, and both are made with plenty of stretch for comfort!

We also discussed prints and colors. Tropical prints are everywhere and we are seeing all shades of yellow on everything from tops to bottoms. Today we featured the new Tropical Wonder Kimono and You Are My Sunshine Dress.

Both just scream summer! The kimono is one that I will put in my closet! At my age, I love kimonos because they cover all the areas that I want covered, but I can still feel in-style and trendy. Plus, they don’t make me hot, so I can wear them all summer long! And that yellow dress? Are there even words to describe it? It is even cuter in person!

Embroidery remains a favorite of ours and we love it on these adorable tops. All three have a roomy fit, and the embroidery looks rich and full! If you are looking for easy go-to’s that still have that special vibe, the Royal Floral Bow TopMauve Floral Bow Top, and Embroidered Details Top will not disappoint.

We featured a few other trends on our video  Tuesday Trends at Multitudes and if you share the video before noon tomorrow (05/16/18) you will be entered to win a large Capri Blu Volcano Candle!

You can also shop these and other items on our website And, if you find that your size is missing, don’t worry…we have already re-ordered a few of them!

Thanks so much for watching and reading! We so adore ya’ll…our customers who we consider as friends!!




Really? Canton? I have asked myself that over and over and over and over these past few months! Actually, this venture started three years ago when a customer asked me if we had a booth at Canton First Monday Trade Days . I replied no…but the seed was planted. And just like any seed, it takes time to grow.

Life has been busy in my world since we opened Multitudes in 2014. Just between our four kids, within the past four years, we have participated in select baseball, high school baseball, club volleyball, school volleyball, water ski tournaments all the way up to the national level, Swim Club, and school swim, tennis, soccer, band and theater. We’ve had church camps, three driving permits, four fender benders, and one went off to TAMU.  We’ve also had three big moves in that time! Once into a rent house, once into the 1903 home we restored, and lastly, we moved Multitudes into 205 S. College, where we hope to remain FOREVER!

In the midst of “life”, like any small business person I’m sure, I continually ask myself “what’s next for Multitudes?” We started early on participating in local shows such as The Waxahachie Junior Service League Christmas Market, and Harvest and Holly Days, which benefits Funday School at The First United Methodist Church. We launched the Multitudes website  and continue to tweak and grow that market. We participate in Waxahachie Downtown Merchant Association Events, the Waxahachie Downtown Merchant Association’s events, and plan and host our own special parties. We developed a gift box idea called A Box of Joy that is successful and fun. And, during all of this, Canton has been in the back of my mind! Crazy…I know!!

So here we are!

Our first month we froze to death and barely made our rent! Who starts selling at Canton in February?

This month, we worked diligently to set up our booth, only to have a wind shear knock down our walls in the middle of the night (Thank God for good friends like Shannon Williams of Firehouse Clothing who helped set it back up)! I mean what are we doing?


All along my dad, mom, cousin, and aunt have been right there beside me, and I could have never done this thing without them! We’ve laughed, I’ve cried, almost screamed a few times, had weird dreams, broken nails, cussed,  eaten way too much food from Buccee’s, eaten way too much fried goodness at Canton, walked what has felt like 100 miles…you get the picture!

Gosh…what are we doing?

But, isn’t that the way it goes? Even in life? We don’t know what to expect, what might come around the bend, what the temperature will be, or whether or not a wind shear will come and knock us down. We just keep praying, nurturing and growing our seeds!

So…Canton? Why not?

Sure the business gal in me has a practical side with goals and a timeline, and I have no guarantee that we will be long-timers there. But, in the meantime, we’re praying, nurturing and growing this seed!

Y’all come see us! We are in Pavillion 4000!



Image-1.jpg 2



Those of you who know me, know that I am a dog and cat lover. I have a soft heart for strays, and I can’t stand to see an animal suffering. I am constantly trying to save all the stray little kittens born behind Multitudes, and each year we hold our annual Dog Days of Summer Sale and invite the SPCA to adopt out dogs during the event.

Lucky for me, my husband feels the same. The day I opened the store, he promptly marched in with the kids…and Gus, a rescue dog…shrugged and said, “you got a store, and we got a dog.” Our home often lives like a zoo. Kids are playing, dogs are running, cats are jumping…and on most days, it makes for a joyous house, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today is not one of those days. Today we are sad. Today we had to put down our Golden Girl, Maddie. Maddie was one of those once in a lifetime dogs. The kind of dog that every owner hopes their puppy turns into. She never jumped on people, rarely barked, ate like a lady, and obeyed a quiet no. We have long said she is the best dog in the world, and she truly was!

She was also a true family dog. My brother had her first, and he got her from someone who was giving her away. She was about three, and she was beautiful and smart, but very shy. She acted like she almost didn’t deserve to do those things that dogs love to do. But, my brother has a very gentle way, and he and his girls coaxed her and loved on her, and in no time, she learned to trust people again.

She came to live in our home in 2009 when she was about six. My brother was going through a life change, and he didn’t have to twist our arms to take her. At the time, we lived on a lake, and Maddie LOVED it there. She spent her prime years chasing the boat, swimming, and hanging with all the other neighborhood dogs.

For all the joy our pets bring us, we are full aware we will outlive them. Someone told me today that the reason they don’t want to have pets is it’s just too hard to say goodbye. And, I get that, I do. It is hard…gut-wrenchingly hard. But the joy Maddie brought us will outshine and be remembered long after the pain of today subsides. So, for us, it’s about joy. Our pets bring us joy! And who couldn’t use a little more joy in their lives?

Thanks for the joy Maddie! We love you, and miss you so much already!


Time to Freshen Up!

Every January is the same for me. It starts when I put away all the Christmas decorations…suddenly I feel the need to purge, clean-out, and freshen up! Not only do I feel this way about my home, but also at Multitudes.

With the glorious fourth quarter buying frenzy (thank you customers) behind us, the store is low on inventory, slower with foot traffic, and leaves employees with less to do. So, we purge, we clean, and we freshen up!

If you’ve stepped foot in the door this month, you will notice it looks different. We have moved things around, mainly to clean behind racks and tables, and we have taken inventory and consolidated what is left, so things look a bit sparse. Now, we have heard talk that we aren’t selling clothes anymore, that we may become a home store, or that we may close, and I’m sure our fun little “surprise” announcement of Free Shipping Forever on our website played a role in this…as well as the bare bones look of our storefront; but, we aren’t going anywhere or changing who we are or what we do!

We currently have nine boxes of new arrivals coming…tops, jackets, and dresses that have shipped, and we have distressed jeans coming within the next few weeks. We are preparing new themes for our Box of Joy gift boxes, and are in the process of placing orders for fun bath products, candles, coffee mugs, and other cute sparkly things. And, we just ordered more Sugarfina candy! Here are a few fun items you should see in the store this week:

Yes, FINALLY…fuzzy sherpa pullovers will arrive!!


Our all-time favorite – embroidered tops!!


We are always up for the newest trends and we are loving this hot mustard color!!


So hang in there with us, and please understand that it’s a phase! My need to purge, clean, and freshen is slowly passing…and in no time, we will once again be a full-to-the-brim storefront and website offering you fun fashion your closet will love (and a few fun gift items along the way)!




New Traditions

As this holiday season winds down, I wanted to write about a fun new tradition my family started that I hope will go the distance. I honestly can’t believe we have never done this before…but we had a Cookie Decorating Day!

I know, I know…many of you are wondering what the big deal is…I mean y’all have done this type of thing for generations, right? But, for whatever reason, we never have. Most of us bake on our own, and each have our “signature” goodies that we share with each other, but this year, I just knew we NEEDED to share this together.

As many of you know, we have always been a close family of women…strong women…we say! And while we do have boys in our family…and we love them dearly…there is just something about the bond we have as girls in our tribe. Multitudes has brought us even closer! It takes a village to run the business and many of those villagers are in the four generations pictured above.

So why this year? And why was this important to me?

  • I love the bond I have with my cousins, and it dawned on me that now that they have their own little girls, we need to make sure that the next generation of girls is a close as we are.
  • I love the stories we tell over and over again that make us laugh till our cheeks hurt, and I love all the crazy new things that seem to always happen to us that make for new hilarious stories…and I want our new generation of girls to hear them all and laugh with us.
  • I love that, although we are different in so many ways, we are so alike in so many ways. Example…we each are prone to breaking out in song and dance at the oddest moments and for no apparent reason at all. My own daughter thought it was a weirdness that only I possessed, until she realized every girl in this family does it…including herself! Being together shows the young ones that they belong, and their weird quirks is actually part of what makes them special.
  • And lastly, this year has come with some health scares that have reminded me once again how important family is, and how lucky we are to have each other!

So, we did it! And it was almost perfect! My beautiful cousin Jamie’s beautiful daughter Ella, was sick, so they couldn’t come…and they were SO missed…but the rest of us…looking relaxed and casually fashionable in our Multitudes, of course…decorated, ate, IMG_4839sang, ate, danced, and ate cookies all afternoon. And, we had so much fun, we vowed to do it again and start a new tradition!

Did you start a new tradition this holiday season…or participate in an age-old favorite one? I hope so! And, I also hope that you each had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones, and that your gatherings were full of song, dance, laughter, and belonging!



Peace, Love, Joy…& Fashion!

Hi Y’all,

We are definitely in the throws of the Holiday Season at our little boutique. We are decked out in homemade birch trees and snowflakes, and party dresses and red buffalo checked tops! We just had a successful weekend at the Waxahachie Junior Service League’s Christmas Market, a show we have participated in the past four years, and now, we look forward to our holiday Ladies Night Out on the 14th, and our annual Customer Appreciation Brunch on the 16th.

The store is full of fun holiday fashions. From our exclusive t-shirts by Honeysuckle, to our Burn-out Velvet Party Dresses, we’ve got what you need. Red and black Buffalo Check is big this season, and we have many different styles of tops and vests that feature it. These tops look great with leggings and jeans and will keep you comfy and looking cute on Christmas day.

We also have lots of adorable items you can use for stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts. On our website, we created gift guides with all kinds of goodies under $50 & $20. And, we are offering free shipping through New Year’s Eve…so shop on your lunch hour and let us ship your items to you! We’ll even ship our holiday Box of Joy gifts for you…free! Check them out…we have four this year and they are full of amazing little gifts.

Multitudes is in the spirit…We adore this time of year and with each of you…our amazing customers a season full of peace, love and joy!


Small Town Girl

I have to admit, I LOVE being considered a “small town girl.” Something about it feels so American; and I attribute much of that feeling to this time of year since our small town knows how to celebrate this Country’s Independence in style!

Many of our homes are decked out in our own red, white, and blue decorations, but as you drive around town you see hundreds of homes with a single American Flag standing proudly in the front easement of their yards. The Rotary Club is responsible for this, and every year I see them, or open my own front door, I am reminded to be grateful for all those who fought so I can live in this Great Land.

In addition to the flags, we have a festival on this day each year called the Crepe Myrtle Festival, and crown a Crepe Myrtle Queen. We host a huge fireworks show and there is always a fun, amazing band playing just before the show begins. And, at precisely 10:00 AM on the fourth, we have an old-timey parade that starts on College Street and slowly moves it’s way down Main Street.

Well, somehow this year, we ended up closing the store and opening our home to friends and family to watch the parade. Molly (my daughter) and I decided to make a bunch of patriotic brunch-y foods, then we served mimosas, pulled out the lawn chairs, and flat-out had ourselves a Parade-Watching Party! It was such a hit, that a new tradition at Multitudes on Main was born!

It was such a blast seeing everyone decked out in fun outfits like the ones below from It was so fun eating and drinking, and laughing with people we love. It was amazing seeing the parade with its’ funny cars, handmade floats, firetruck sirens, candy-throwing people, horse-trotting sheriffs, and high school band make it’s way just outside my own front door. But mostly, it was amazing celebrating our freedom in this special small town that I call home!_DSC3719