Small Town Girl

I have to admit, I LOVE being considered a “small town girl.” Something about it feels so American; and I attribute much of that feeling to this time of year since our small town knows how to celebrate this Country’s Independence in style!

Many of our homes are decked out in our own red, white, and blue decorations, but as you drive around town you see hundreds of homes with a single American Flag standing proudly in the front easement of their yards. The Rotary Club is responsible for this, and every year I see them, or open my own front door, I am reminded to be grateful for all those who fought so I can live in this Great Land.

In addition to the flags, we have a festival on this day each year called the Crepe Myrtle Festival, and crown a Crepe Myrtle Queen. We host a huge fireworks show and there is always a fun, amazing band playing just before the show begins. And, at precisely 10:00 AM on the fourth, we have an old-timey parade that starts on College Street and slowly moves it’s way down Main Street.

Well, somehow this year, we ended up closing the store and opening our home to friends and family to watch the parade. Molly (my daughter) and I decided to make a bunch of patriotic brunch-y foods, then we served mimosas, pulled out the lawn chairs, and flat-out had ourselves a Parade-Watching Party! It was such a hit, that a new tradition at Multitudes on Main was born!

It was such a blast seeing everyone decked out in fun outfits like the ones below from It was so fun eating and drinking, and laughing with people we love. It was amazing seeing the parade with its’ funny cars, handmade floats, firetruck sirens, candy-throwing people, horse-trotting sheriffs, and high school band make it’s way just outside my own front door. But mostly, it was amazing celebrating our freedom in this special small town that I call home!_DSC3719

Fall is in the Air!


I woke up this morning to cooler temps, grey skies, and leaves blowing everywhere and it put me in the best mood! Fall feels like it has arrived! This is the first fall we have spent in our new home and I would love to say I have it all decked out…with pumpkins and leaves everywhere…but I don’t. This is it! Just a sprinkling of pumpkins on the front steps. Just these few glorious, fall-colored, odd-shaped pumpkins on my steps. But, oh be still my heart…don’t they look grand? I love pumpkins…and I love fall!

Now the rest of the porch…poor thing! Here is it in all it’s not-so-great-glory! That chair…it looks terribly lonely! And those rockers…those faded pillows from summer.


I do have porch ambition…and porch envy…but all that takes time…which I have very little of. However, one day I will have the porch of my dreams! I just know it…and I will have fall decorations everywhere. But today, this is it…and I am completely giddy! I am satisfied with my splattering of pumpkins on the steps. Isn’t fall simply glorious?

By the way, another thing I absolutely adore about fall is the fashion. I simply cannot wait to pull our my boots each year and wear them all, and I find myself planning my outfits around my them. This year, I splurged on a few pair of low heeled ones that I can walk in all day. This burgandy Korkease pair is going to become a favorite. What color are your favorite boots or booties? How do you wear them? These look great with skinny jeans, and these Kut from the Kloth are quickly becoming my go-to’s. If only it had been cool enough to wear these jeans and booties while buying these pumpkins…maybe next year. 😉


Until next time,


The Starting Point

This is it! This is the Hale House…or soon to be Hale House. This is where our Life on Main begins. This is not where our life together began, but this is where it will end, because…in a manner of speaking…I NEVER, EVER, and I mean NEVER, plan to move again!

I met Tom at a mutual friend’s 40th birthday party 8 years ago (another story for another day) and married a year and a half later. Our kids, 3 boys and a girl, were 5, 7, 8, & 10. At the time, Tom lived on a little bit of paradise in Waxahachie, TX. It was a 5 acre lot in a very small water-ski community. He got the house in his divorce, my kids fell in love with their new-found lake-life, and our story began.

Now some would ask if it was weird to live in the house that he had built with his former wife? And, yes, it was…kind of. But, that had nothing to do with her. She is wonderful. We get along great! What was hard for me is that it just never felt like “my” home and he couldn’t quite get himself to the place where he felt like it was “our” home together. We pushed through all of this with really very few issues…I mean, ya do what ya do for your kids, right? And all four of our kids loved life on that lake!

With all that said, one glorious day, Tommy walked into the store and said to me, “You will never guess where I just came from.” He then told me that he had met with a well-known, local restorationist, and he felt like it was time to leave the lake and redo a historic home to call our own. I was elated, and doubtful. Not because I didn’t love the idea of redoing a wonderful old home, but because I really didn’t think we would ever go through with it.

Needless to say, almost 2 years from that date, we moved into our very own renovated historic home right here on Main Street! This blog will chronicle the journey, and give you a little glimpse of life in and around our amazing still-feels-small-even-though-its-growing hometown! #weloveourtown #smalltownUSA