New Traditions

As this holiday season winds down, I wanted to write about a fun new tradition my family started that I hope will go the distance. I honestly can’t believe we have never done this before…but we had a Cookie Decorating Day!

I know, I know…many of you are wondering what the big deal is…I mean y’all have done this type of thing for generations, right? But, for whatever reason, we never have. Most of us bake on our own, and each have our “signature” goodies that we share with each other, but this year, I just knew we NEEDED to share this together.

As many of you know, we have always been a close family of women…strong women…we say! And while we do have boys in our family…and we love them dearly…there is just something about the bond we have as girls in our tribe. Multitudes has brought us even closer! It takes a village to run the business and many of those villagers are in the four generations pictured above.

So why this year? And why was this important to me?

  • I love the bond I have with my cousins, and it dawned on me that now that they have their own little girls, we need to make sure that the next generation of girls is a close as we are.
  • I love the stories we tell over and over again that make us laugh till our cheeks hurt, and I love all the crazy new things that seem to always happen to us that make for new hilarious stories…and I want our new generation of girls to hear them all and laugh with us.
  • I love that, although we are different in so many ways, we are so alike in so many ways. Example…we each are prone to breaking out in song and dance at the oddest moments and for no apparent reason at all. My own daughter thought it was a weirdness that only I possessed, until she realized every girl in this family does it…including herself! Being together shows the young ones that they belong, and their weird quirks is actually part of what makes them special.
  • And lastly, this year has come with some health scares that have reminded me once again how important family is, and how lucky we are to have each other!

So, we did it! And it was almost perfect! My beautiful cousin Jamie’s beautiful daughter Ella, was sick, so they couldn’t come…and they were SO missed…but the rest of us…looking relaxed and casually fashionable in our Multitudes, of course…decorated, ate, IMG_4839sang, ate, danced, and ate cookies all afternoon. And, we had so much fun, we vowed to do it again and start a new tradition!

Did you start a new tradition this holiday season…or participate in an age-old favorite one? I hope so! And, I also hope that you each had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones, and that your gatherings were full of song, dance, laughter, and belonging!



Peace, Love, Joy…& Fashion!

Hi Y’all,

We are definitely in the throws of the Holiday Season at our little boutique. We are decked out in homemade birch trees and snowflakes, and party dresses and red buffalo checked tops! We just had a successful weekend at the Waxahachie Junior Service League’s Christmas Market, a show we have participated in the past four years, and now, we look forward to our holiday Ladies Night Out on the 14th, and our annual Customer Appreciation Brunch on the 16th.

The store is full of fun holiday fashions. From our exclusive t-shirts by Honeysuckle, to our Burn-out Velvet Party Dresses, we’ve got what you need. Red and black Buffalo Check is big this season, and we have many different styles of tops and vests that feature it. These tops look great with leggings and jeans and will keep you comfy and looking cute on Christmas day.

We also have lots of adorable items you can use for stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts. On our website, we created gift guides with all kinds of goodies under $50 & $20. And, we are offering free shipping through New Year’s Eve…so shop on your lunch hour and let us ship your items to you! We’ll even ship our holiday Box of Joy gifts for you…free! Check them out…we have four this year and they are full of amazing little gifts.

Multitudes is in the spirit…We adore this time of year and with each of you…our amazing customers a season full of peace, love and joy!