Really? Canton? I have asked myself that over and over and over and over these past few months! Actually, this venture started three years ago when a customer asked me if we had a booth at Canton First Monday Trade Days . I replied no…but the seed was planted. And just like any seed, it takes time to grow.

Life has been busy in my world since we opened Multitudes in 2014. Just between our four kids, within the past four years, we have participated in select baseball, high school baseball, club volleyball, school volleyball, water ski tournaments all the way up to the national level, Swim Club, and school swim, tennis, soccer, band and theater. We’ve had church camps, three driving permits, four fender benders, and one went off to TAMU.  We’ve also had three big moves in that time! Once into a rent house, once into the 1903 home we restored, and lastly, we moved Multitudes into 205 S. College, where we hope to remain FOREVER!

In the midst of “life”, like any small business person I’m sure, I continually ask myself “what’s next for Multitudes?” We started early on participating in local shows such as The Waxahachie Junior Service League Christmas Market, and Harvest and Holly Days, which benefits Funday School at The First United Methodist Church. We launched the Multitudes website  and continue to tweak and grow that market. We participate in Waxahachie Downtown Merchant Association Events, the Waxahachie Downtown Merchant Association’s events, and plan and host our own special parties. We developed a gift box idea called A Box of Joy that is successful and fun. And, during all of this, Canton has been in the back of my mind! Crazy…I know!!

So here we are!

Our first month we froze to death and barely made our rent! Who starts selling at Canton in February?

This month, we worked diligently to set up our booth, only to have a wind shear knock down our walls in the middle of the night (Thank God for good friends like Shannon Williams of Firehouse Clothing who helped set it back up)! I mean what are we doing?


All along my dad, mom, cousin, and aunt have been right there beside me, and I could have never done this thing without them! We’ve laughed, I’ve cried, almost screamed a few times, had weird dreams, broken nails, cussed,  eaten way too much food from Buccee’s, eaten way too much fried goodness at Canton, walked what has felt like 100 miles…you get the picture!

Gosh…what are we doing?

But, isn’t that the way it goes? Even in life? We don’t know what to expect, what might come around the bend, what the temperature will be, or whether or not a wind shear will come and knock us down. We just keep praying, nurturing and growing our seeds!

So…Canton? Why not?

Sure the business gal in me has a practical side with goals and a timeline, and I have no guarantee that we will be long-timers there. But, in the meantime, we’re praying, nurturing and growing this seed!

Y’all come see us! We are in Pavillion 4000!



Image-1.jpg 2


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