Ups & Downs

So, running your own business always comes with ups and downs. And, running a biz in 100+ year old building certainly adds to those ups and downs…like turning on a light switch only to find it’s attached to your neighbor’s lights and not your own, or turning on the hot water and the breaker that runs your ceiling fans pops. We have always loved being in a historical building in this beautiful town, and have embraced those ups and downs wholeheartedly!

So, many of you know about the barbeque restaurant that opened up next door earlier this month. It is called The Vault, is run by the sweetest couple, and has the best brisket and smoked chicken this side of the Pecos (we know this as fact, but we dare you to go and try for yourself)!  So, another great up for us!

The down:  since the  Vault opened and we share a common wall in this beautiful old building with  them, unfortunately our store also smells like we are serving the best barbeque this side of the Pecos.

Everyone is working like bees to find all the places that aren’t sealed between our two stores, but in the meantime, we are regrouping so we can still offer y’all (our amazing friends and customers) the same quality, and experience, you get when you walk in our door, order online, or shop us from Facebook or Instagram. So, here’s the plan!

  1. We are having a Smokin’ Hot Liquidation Sale for all the merchandise currently in the store and online! Yes, EVERY ITEM! And yes, these items smell a bit smoky…but hang outside for 24 hours or dry-clean…and they should be good as new. The sale starts tomorrow and will run through Friday, September 7th. (all sales final) So….come down, grab a barbeque sandwich and head over to us for a Smokin’ hot deal!
  2. We are Poppin’ Up in a temporary location (TBA) where we will offer all new merchandise that is being shipped in daily. More details to follow soon!

Y’all, we are so sorry for this inconvenience! We truly LOVE our customers and even though we’re just a small clothing boutique, we take our role in your world, and this community, very seriously! We would be nothing without you and your support. I am absolutely committed to get this behind us and continue to offer you the same quality service that made you vote us #1 in Ellis County!